First Grade News

First Grade News
Posted on 05/02/2018

We have an exciting month ahead of us in first grade!  We have wrapped up April by celebrating Earth Week with a special guest presentation about recycling, and spending time thinking about what we can do to keep our planet clean.

We are continuing to learn about different classes of animals and their adaptations in science. We will be starting the month with a visit to the farm to see how the farmer shears the sheep and the process that the wool goes through from the sheep to sweater!  We are also very excited to be incubating actual eggs in our classrooms as we study the life cycle of a chicken.  Students are writing about what is happening inside the eggs until they hatch!  Plus we are looking forward to a visit from Michelle’s Menagerie to see different types of animals up close.

To tie in to our science unit, we are studying non-fiction in reading and writing.  Students are learning to identify and use non-fiction text features such as headings, labels, captions, a table of contents, and a glossary.  They are also learning to ask and answer questions about informational books before writing their own research-based books.  In phonics we are learning how to read and write multi-syllabic words with two closed syllables (napkin), or a closed syllable and a vowel-consonant-e syllable (pancake).

 In math we are learning strategies and playing games which require adding more than two numbers, and regrouping numbers into “ten plus” combinations (7+6=10+3). We will continue to work on “How Many of Each” and story problems.  Later in the month students will be asking classmates a variety of survey questions, then organizing and interpreting the data they have collected.

Finally, please remember to send your child in with a water bottle and appropriate layers as the weather finally warms up.  Thank you!

The First Grade Team

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